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Ahri Bot | Ahri is a user-friendly League of Legends bot for discord.


Ahri Bot

Proudly used by LOADING servers

A user-friendly League of Legends bot for discord, developed for the community as a passion project.

Ahri has a handful of easy-to-use features that provide fun and useful information to users.

Current Commands

The usage of “-“ denotes an optional argument. The commands below are shown with their default arguments and will be what the command defaults to if no arguments are specified.

[ ] Denotes a required input.

Command Description
a!lookup [summoner] (region) -champion Ahri -maxgames 50 -threshold 4 Searches information on a given summoner. (Lookup is a flexible command and allows for both champion and summoner lookup)
a!lookup [champion] [top/jg/mid/bot/supp/if not provided defaults to best] Provides information on the given champion. (Lookup is a flexible command and allows for both champion and summoner lookup)
a!tierlist Shows an up-to-date tierlist on the best picks in every position.
a!clash [summoner] Provides that summoner’s clash team (granted they have one) and tells each player’s ranks and positions if queued.
a!highlight upload Creates an upload link for League highlights. The link is valid for 2 minutes once generated. DO NOT SHARE, otherwise your daily uploads may be used by other people, you have been warned.
a!highlight list Lists both the name and ID of all of your current highlights.
a!highlight post [ID] Posts the highlight of the given ID
a!highlight search [query] Searches for highlights with the given query
a!highlight rename [ID] [Name] Renames a highlight, you must be the highlight’s owner.
a!highlight delete [ID] Delete’s the highlight with the given ID, you must be the highlight’s owner.

Ahri bot is currently a work in progress, if you have any comments or suggestions head over to the support server and share them!

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